Feb 28, 2017

Sorting second dimension array

We can sort the second dimension array like table, for example


              $users = array(
                   array('name' => 'Mr. B', 'age' => 34), 
                   array('name' => 'Mr. A', 'age' => 33),
                   array('name' => 'Mr. C', 'age' => 32)

If you want to sort the array based on the name or age, here is the solution:


        function arraySortByColumn(&$arr, $col, $dir = SORT_ASC){
           $sort_col = array();
           foreach ($arr as $key => $row) {
               $sort_col[$key] = $row[$col];
           array_multisort($sort_col, $dir, $arr);

        arraySortByColumn($users, 'name', SORT_DESC);


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